Welcome to Intimate Intelligence.

I am Michael Hall, Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Co-Counsellor and Yoga Therapist.

I specialize in helping you attune to your body’s expressions as a way of identifying and processing through emotions.

Deeply held emotions and thought-stories can be imprinted on your body and your psyche.

Through body scans, body-based consent exercises, healing touch, breath awareness and talk therapy, I help you find and process through these long-held stories in order to find true joy and peace.

Your Somatic Experience

“Somatic” means ‘in and of the body’.

Your somatic experience is important to how you feel passion, joy and aliveness as you go about your days.

Have you ever felt unsafe in your body? Have you experience a low energy or low libido, a sense of stuck-ness, or an inability to access your emotions and desires?

With somatic coaching therapy, you can learn to unwind patterns in your body, mind and spirit.

Re-learn your ‘enthusiastic yes’ and your ‘absolutely not’ so that you can trust your body and your boundaries.


Michael Hall has worked with thousands of clients in health and wellness for over 25 years.

Through somatic healing, counselling, massage, acupuncture, and yoga, he has developed a wealth of knowledge about emotional processing and the body, addiction, sexual functionality, relationships and community care.

He is committed to helping people develop healthy sexual and intimate relationships with themselves, and with those they love. Learning to identify, communicate, and navigate our sexual and intimacies needs within relationship is a vital aspect to a healthy self, and to healthy relationships.

As a Somatic Sex Educator, Michael offers a breadth of understanding around trauma and a unique ability to hold space for your emotions. His approach is to encourage you to look within your body to find out more about yourself, your desires and your limits.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys singing and playing music, spending time in nature, and connecting with loved ones.