Enjoy Your Body, Feel Your Voice, Know Connection

We are intuitive touch healers & fellow adventurers in the realms of body, mind & spirit!

We help people develop their sense of self-connection, in order to be able to connect more deeply and honestly with others.

We serve Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC.

We work with individuals & couples, using coaching and bodywork as a tool for healing trauma, accessing pleasure, relief & joy, and for enhancing personal power.

We deliver workshops, seminars & small embodiment classes for various groups, helping people find inner freedom & wisdom in movement and expression.

If you are an individual: 

You are the leader in your own self-oriented & body-focused exploration of old stories & wounds that keep you from feeling better about yourself, your relationships and your world.

If you want to discover yourself and your body –

If you’re numb, or you experience chronic pain or fatigue –

if you’ve had a difficult pregnancy/childbirth –

if you’ve been traumatized –

if you’ve had discomfort and fear around intimacy . . .

Through any and all of these circumstances, you can heal, at your own pace, with safe touch & boundary exercises that gradually bring you home to your body – and finally, home to your spirit.

If you are a couple: 

You can explore the inner reaches of your relationship by getting to know your individual selves better.

Using a combination of talking, touch and boundary exercises, find out more about what you like & don’t like, who you are as a person, how to ask for what you want and how to please your partner with a full heart.

Work with either Penelope or Michael – or work with both of us!

Find out more about embodiment coaching . . .