Connect With Your Personal Passion

Thanks for visiting Intimate Intelligence, where you’ll experience a fantastic sense of relaxation, joy and pleasure in your body through a deeper connection with your spirit.

My name is Penelope Hagan. I work with individuals, couples & groups, using sensual bodywork, ritual and spiritual guidance as tools for healing trauma, accessing pleasure, relief & joy, and for enhancing personal power.

All appointments & attendances are by interview only.

I honour the diverse bodies and spirits of all people who enter. 

Intimate Intelligence is a respectfully clothing-optional space, depending on the type of session, class and attendees.

4-Hands and Couples Massages are also available with notice.

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For in-person sessions, I am happy to serve Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver BC. Please give a minimum of one week’s notice for appointments outside the Victoria region.

For online appointments, I am available to clients anywhere in the world! Please contact me to discuss your online session via Skype or Zoom.

I offer gratitude and thanks to all my relations . . .

To the land I live on, the traditional territory of the Lekungwen/Songhees people.

To my ancestors, helpers and guides, along with all my human and animal medicine teachers.

To all the energies of the universe for creating my life.

To the flow that brings any soul here to benefit from my website and my work.