6-week sessions, 90-minute classes

$108 (preregistered & non-refundable)

Dance Party Yoga

Movement, yoga and meditation in one class! A fun, freedom-filled approach to stretching and sweating, designed to help you find ease and joy in your body, and to release stagnancy.

Expect a mix of bouncy and soft music, a flow of energetic movement and relaxation, and a feeling of empowerment!

Restful Yoga

Not Yin, not Nidra, not Restorative . . . Just simple, easy, restful yoga. Stretches are given for relaxation and calm, with suggestions for props that will make it even more comfortable.

Expect an approach that is fluid and non-intellectual. We will work with easing tension in body, mind and spirit, ending with a long guided meditation.

Meaningful Menopause

Join a compassionate, insightful group of peri- and post-menopausal women to explore the dynamism, power, wisdom and work of moving into a new stage of womanhood.

We will have time to check-in, learn about a particular phase or manifestation of menopause, develop strategies for being strong in menopause, and chat about our shared experiences.

Write Eros

Harness your passion to write down all the things you were never allowed to admit! Learn how to write stream-of-consciousness and more organized stories about your experiences, fantasies and curiosities.

We’ll open ourselves to the vulnerability of writing and sharing about something that is no longer such a taboo – sexuality!

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