“Sacred sexuality” is a term that describes the potent connection between your spirituality and your sexuality.

Often, we are called to journey into a spiritual realm when we’re addressing sexual issues. This is because your spirit is your life force energy, and your sexuality is one of your deepest sources of life force energy! With divine erotic ritual, earth magic, clearing and magnetizing spells, and deep visualizations, it is possible to unlock the potent powers within your sexual being.

You are the creator of your sacred sexuality sessions! I am your helper, guide and space-holder.

Perhaps you’d like to create a ritual to leave something in your past or bring something into your future.

Maybe you’d like to participate in a divine erotic massage ritual, so that you can fully come into your own body.

Perhaps you want to mark a transition into another element of your womanhood.

Let’s call it forth together. The possibilities for sacred sexuality are endless:

Developing Womb Presence

Womb Clearing Ritual

Yoni Massage

Magnetizing Your Potency

Solidifying or Renewing A Commitment with a Partner

Cordcutting from an Abusive, Disempowering or Codependent Relationship

Ritual for Beginning Motherhood

Ritual for Grieving a Lost/Relinquished Fetus

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