Strengthen Your Spiritual & Sensual Connection

Couples’ sessions help improve your connection and communication. Come visit for spiritual guidance, intimacy coaching & the development of sexual magic and rites of passage.

Embodiment Experience

90 minutes, $200-250/couple

Being connected with self means being better connected with your partner . . . All it takes is breath, movement and feeling. You can do this together with your partner, no matter what kind of stress is affecting your relationship.

Using body-based meditations, movement and sound exercises, I guide couples through a somatic learning journey to explore the nuances of their physical experience together.

By feeling into boundaries, limits and expressions of affection & tenderness, it’s possible to bring your couplehood journey to new levels of joy, empathy & pleasure.

Couples’ Sessions

Enhance Eroticism

Re-Commit / Renew Vows




Breaking Up

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