Reflections from Past Clients:

“It’s been over a year since I have seen you . . . Just wanted to thank-you again for all your help on my journey. Learning about touch with you . . . and how I want to be touched has brought so much joy and awareness to my life. And this I cannot thank-you enough for! The work you do has helped me sooooo much ~ it has help me understand what my body likes and doesn’t.”


“I have met with Penelope for approximately 8-10 sessions and it is no exaggeration to say the results have been life-changing. Years of sexual trauma led to my shunning all touch, all closeness, and isolating myself inside my home for years. When these fears and shame got in the way of even receiving necessary medical care, that was when I contacted Penelope to ask for her help.

Always, she was very patient and respectful towards my limits. Over time those limits grew as I was shown how to establish boundaries I had never been permitted to have before, how to find safety within my own body and space, and how touch or proximity can be positive rather than threatening. The studio became a safe space where my courage was able to develop, eventually growing large enough to be able to challenge those stubborn old fears and beliefs. As I now step out of isolation and back into the world, I know I wouldn’t have reached this next chapter of my life on my own. Penelope is a remarkable, insightful, creative, caring, genuine individual doing this work for all the right reasons. For what she has done for me I will be forever grateful.”


“I went to Penelope to deal with an inability to connect with my emotions and be “heart centered”. I had been subjected to extreme bullying at the age of 12-15 in late public school and high school. It affected me for my whole life. I became frustrated because I could not really connect with clients who had emotional issues. I went to see Penelope to see if I could break away from this.

When she placed her hands on my heart I underwent a miraculous transformation. Suddenly I was heart-centered again like a child! I walked out of her office and went to my studio where a regular client, a chiropractor, was coming for a session of my healing bodywork. He had been for many sessions, but he remarked that my work had changed and suddenly become much more effective. All my clients commented similarly and my family and friends noted that I had become emotionally rich. I highly recommend Penelope for her deep spiritual healing therapies which includes various types of bodywork, ritual healing, talking therapies and sensual healing.”