Cosmic Haircut

$60-90 or pay what you can*

Available in-person or online

60 minutes, plus 30 minutes of personal time later

What do you want to cut away from your life?

This ritual combines a fascinating tarot reading with a haircut. Whether you want your head shaved completely or just a little lock snipped, the hair you cut symbolizes what you’re going to remove from your life.

Tarot cards give you information about the main spiritual themes in your life, resulting in an empathetic, stimulating conversation throughout your haircut!

You will keep your snipped locks and take them away to complete the ritual on your own.

*My services are available on a sliding-scale basis depending on what clients can afford. As well, I take payment-in-kind, trades and best offers. My aim is to serve the whole community, so I am open to negotiating!

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