For Individuals

Intuitive Healing Touch

$125 for up to 90 minutes

A fully-clothed hands-on touch session – gently calming, comforting and relaxing. As you sit or recline on the table, your practitioner will lay their hands on your body, at your request and instruction, encouraging and allowing you to feel what is present with you.

For the touch shy, this is a wonderful gateway into re-experiencing your embodiment.

Relaxation Bliss Massage

$125 for 75 minutes

Treat yourself to an amazing full body relaxation massage under expert hands . . . Float away and completely dispel all thoughts of tension as your practitioner gently works your muscles, nerves and pressure points.

If you want to forget your thoughts, reduce stress, and be nurtured in your body, this bodywork session is for you!

Somatic Sessions

$125 for 60-90 minutes

Individual somatic coaching sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes long. They involve a combination of talk, breathwork, movement & bodywork.

A somatic session is useful if you who want to:

  • Become More Attuned to Your Body
  • Release and Heal Physical or Sexual Trauma
  • Learn to Better Access Pleasure
  • Learn Boundaries & Communication
  • Prepare for Childbirth
  • Release Stress

Somatic bodywork sessions may include but not be limited to: mapping the body’s responses to touch; pelvic education; pelvic release & de-armouring; full body touch; fully clothed touch; sweeping; silence; communication; sounding; crying; moving.

If you are interested in setting up a somatic bodywork session especially tailored to your own needs for healing and trauma release, please email usĀ  to set up a free phone consultation.