For Couples

Learn Yourself / Feel Your Other …

Couples’ coaching sessions can help improve your connection and communication. Come visit for conversation, physical exercises, embodiment coaching & massage lessons . . .

OR, after an intake interview, we can arrange to visit you in the privacy of your home for coaching & lessons.

Embodiment & Communication Lessons

90 minutes, sliding scale of $200-250/couple

Being connected with self means being better connected with your partner . . . All it takes is breath, movement and feeling. You can do this together with your partner, no matter what kind of stress is affecting your relationship.

Using body-based meditations, movement and sound exercises, I guide couples through a somatic learning journey to explore the nuances of their physical experience together.

By feeling into boundaries, limits and expressions of affection & tenderness, it’s possible to bring your couplehood journey to new levels of joy, empathy & pleasure.

Couples’ Massage Lessons

Couples Massage Full Day Training: $250/couple

Small, comfortable groups of only 5 couples gather for a weekend to explore touching each other for health, wellness and enhancement of the relationship.

Or, come as a couple for your own private 2-hour lesson!

Couples Massage Private 2-hour Lesson: $250/couple

Learn all about relaxing and sensual massage techniques; how to structure a massage; how to communicate what you want & ask for feedback; how to add that special sparkle to the massage, if your partner wants it!