Embodiment Coaching

“Somatic” means “in and of the body” as distinct from the mind.

Embodiment coaching encourages you to experience your own somatic reality – the fact that you’re a living and breathing body, as opposed to a collection of mental thoughts, patterns, ideas and plans.

Your body has a lot to tell you, but sometimes it’s difficult to hear what it has to say! We are blocked by our mind’s stories, inhibitions and constructs.

Embodiment coaching helps you breathe into your experience in a new and vital way. It includes full-body touch and massage, movement, breathwork and boundary work. 

Learn to identify triggers in your nervous system, along with lifetime causes of shame, tension and personal limitation, as you enhance and deepen your pleasure. 

If you want to get in touch with your deeper feelings, reduce stress, express yourself, and be nurtured in your whole body, embodiment coaching is for you!