I am an  intuitive touch healer, shamanic practitioner & fellow adventurer in the realms of body, mind & spirit.

I use the tools of healing sensual touch, spiritual journeying, meditation, tarot & animal medicine cards, sex magic, chakra work, ecstatic movement, drumming and ritual to help you connect with your sexuality and spirituality so you can live a more joyful life. 

I offer my services to help you come to a place of understanding and integrity in your being. Your body type, ethnicity, class, intellect and status will never exclude you from my offerings.

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I specialize in helping individuals and couples who want to experience a more enlivening pleasure connection.

I also help women with exploring intimacy; gaining or re-gaining sexual pleasure; and concerns around childbirth, pregnancy loss or termination, and scarring.

I aim to help you find your passion and creativity while living a fuller life in a safer society.

What I am looking for from you is respect, spiritual connection, learning, authenticity and an interest in deeper somatic and spiritual awareness.

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