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Learn to be in your body!

Embodiment means experiencing the feeling of “being in your body”. When your mind is connected with what is happening in your body, you are better able to process emotions, memory and reactions.

Somatic coaching and bodywork can help you overcome feelings of shame and guilt carried over many years. You can learn to feel powerful, joyful and pleasurable again, claiming your choice and your voice when it comes to your needs and wants.

Michael is a Somatic Sex Educator, bodyworker and yoga therapist.

Michael has been guiding and supporting the healing and growth of others for several decades. He is dedicated to helping people heal from past trauma and to discover and learn about themselves through somatic practices in order to live a more authentic and productive life, and to enhance connections with others.

Michael is currently receiving new clients for somatic coaching & bodywork.

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Penelope is a touch healer with many years of experience in Thai Massage, intuitive bodywork, intimacy education, yoga & spirituality.

She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, workshop leader, yogini & spiritual shamanic guide, who aims to help you find your passion and creativity while living a fuller life in a safer society.

Penelope is currently receiving new clients only for intuitive & spiritual bodywork.

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