About Us

We are seekers, learners and adventurers on this journey of relationship and intimacy.

Penelope is a spiritual guide, bodyworker, yoga teacher and somatic sex educator.

She focuses on helping you to access deep authenticity in connecting your inner voice with your outer needs and boundaries.

Her approach includes talk, touch, breathwork, guided visualization and ritual to bring you to a state of relaxed clarity.

She can be found making art and music, beachcombing, spending time with family, and enjoying nature.

Michael is a wellness therapist, massage practitioner, yoga teacher and somatic sex educator.

He focuses on helping you learn to be held in your deepest states of emotional vulnerability.

His approach uses touch, techniques of co-counselling, and body-based emotion coaching to identify and heal traumatic patterns.

He can be found sailing, reading, spending time with family, making music, and enjoying nature.