What would you like to learn?

Whether you’d like to experience more safety and self-trust in your body, or de-brief a traumatic experience using breath and voicing, I am here to hold a strong container for you. I have a powerful sense of obedience to ethics and integrity.

As a trauma-informed professional, I am aware that creating safe agreements can help everyone gain confidence. The best learning happens when we begin in a trusting “green” zone.

This means that during any somatic session with me, you do not need to experience touch at any point. There is plenty of progress to be gained with movement, sounding, talking, guided body scanning and more. Any and all touch is given at the express request of the client.

Generally I do find that (eventually) touch, massage and bodywork are safe and effective ways to help bring emotions to the surface for processing.

But the important thing to know is that you will never endure any unwanted touch. That’s where we start.

With that safety in mind, what would you like to learn about your body?

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